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Customers love BioLogical lotion.
Here is a sampling of what they have to say.

After accidently putting my hand in a hornet’s nest, I applied Bio Logical lotion and my hand immediately felt better. ~ Pete

While vacationing in Hawaii, my two young girls were sunburned. Bio Logical lotion soothed their sunburns and their skin did not peal. ~ Denise

My husband’s scalp was dry, flaky and discolored with red and brown spots. After two weeks of putting the Bio Logical lotion on once a day, the spots have greatly improved. ~ Pamela

Heart bypass surgery left me with a big incision. After the wound closed, I applied Bio Logical lotion to the scar. At the one month follow-up appointment with my doctor, the surgeon was surprised that there was so little scar. ~ Clint

A motorcycle accident landed me in poison oak. I developed painful blisters from my fingertips to my shoulders. Within 5 minutes of applying the Bio Logical lotion, the pain went away and the discoloration began to disappear.~ Alex

I want to complement you on creating one of the best products I have ever used. My only regret is that I did not buy another, as I would like to give one to someone as a gift. ~ Annjenette

One of my patients brought in your skin moisturizer for me to examine the ingredients. I was impressed. I would like to see about carrying your product in my office. Please send me a catalog and wholesale price list. ~ Bruce, ND

I have recently used your product and I am very pleased with effects of it. It is an excellent moisturizer. ~ Carrie

I tried a moisturizer recently made by your company and liked the results. Could you please tell me where your products are available, and other items you produce? ~ Jo Anne

Removal of pre-cancerous skin spots on my head left very noticeable scars, but after applying Bio Logical lotion the scars are barely visible. ~ James

Thanks Priscilla! and I LOVE your skin care lotion.  I like it because it doesn't have fragrance added, and feels so silky and smooth while moisturizing skin.

I am a licensed massage therapist & nutritionist. ~ Suzanne

I have used two-thirds of a tube and find it to be a remarkably good product.~ Killeran

I had a brown spot on my cheek that was bigger than could surgically be removed. After two weeks of putting Bio Logical lotion on once a day, the spot disappeared. ~ Pierre

Bio Logical ~ Dermal Renewal Complex has been wonderful as an eliminator of fine lines and facial imperfections. That, combined with its many healing effects, makes it an amazing formulation. Even heals bee stings and reduces scars. ~ Theresa

Please advise me as to whether your moisturizer is available anywhere in Canada, and in particular Calgary, Alberta. I have used your product on my very dry, chapped hands and found it to be very effective and would therefore like to be able to purchase it. ~ Anne

I think of you every day as I put the moisturizer on my face. The solution is working very well. I have not had any acne or sores for a heck of a long time now. I have enjoyed using it. I think you are on to something real good…. As I told you, I really like to keep my hands lubricated as much as possible throughout the day as I am scrubbing in quite often doing angiograms and angioplasties and it is important to maintain good soft skin, when I shake hands with the patient afterwards. ~ Herbert, MD

I am a former Vet, exposed to Agent Orange. I was diagnosed with a painful skin condition called Chloracne. Doctors prescribed a topical antibiotic however it wasn’t till my wife purchased a tube of the BioLogical Dermal Renewal that I had results. After using the lotion on my face, neck, and body for 3 weeks, the existing sores caused by the dioxin exposure were healed and my itchiness and pain diminished substantially. I finally feel that I can manage this condition much better now and have relief. ~ Barney

Love the new moisturizer…I have lived in Alaska for 16 years and have always suffered a very dry skin condition because of low humidity and working for a dentist where my hands are always in water. Finally after trying lotion, potion and every other form of skin moisturizer, I believe I have found my cure for my skin problems…many friends of mine work on the North Slope where temperatures are known to drop as low as minus 50 degrees below zero with zero humidity. Dry skin is a very common and a major problem. One friend has tried this wonderful product and now swears by it! ~ Cathy

It’s wonderful, great and where can I get some more!? For the past six years, I have lived on a farm and spend most of my time either outside or in the barn tending livestock, raising babies and digging fence post holes all rough on my skin. My business is open from March until the end of December, so I am exposed to all kinds of weather and skin problems, dry cracked bleeding hands, my face either chapped by wind or burned by the sun. A friend gave me some of your moisturizer, what a product and what a change it has made for me and my business. I am no longer ashamed to shake hands with my customers because my hands felt like tree bark and it was painful because of the dryness and cracking. But best of all was just for me, my grandson now hugs me and no longer says, Gramma your face is itchy, my children kiss me on the cheek when they leave, but best of all my boyfriend now holds my hand when we go for a walk or watch tv, or he wants to say I love you without the words. ~ Shari

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