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Complex is an all purpose anti-aging lotion recommended for men and women of all skin types. The lotion is a proprietary formulation of nature’s ingredients, formulated to interact directly with skin cells, neutralize free radicals and prevent many signs of aging.

Biological moisturizes and stimulates growth for healthier skin through cellular regeneration. The lotion is antioxidant rich, and contains effective emollients which soothes the skin while reducing inflammation..



~ has been wonderful as an an eliminator of fine lines and facial imperfections. That, combined with its many healing effects, has made it an amazing formulation. The lotion even helped heal a bee sting! ~Theresa

My husband’s scalp was dry, flaky and discolored with red and brown spots. After two weeks of putting the Bio Logical lotion on once a day, the spots have greatly improved. ~ Pamela

Heart bypass surgery left me with a big incision. After the wound closed, I applied Bio Logical lotion to the scar. At the one month follow-up appointment with my doctor, the surgeon was surprised that there was so little scar. ~ Clint

After accidently putting my hand in a hornet’s nest, I applied Bio Logical lotion and my hand immediately felt better. ~ Peter

 Most other lotions

Aloe Vera ✔ Water
Sweet Almond Oil ✔ Mineral Oil
Soluble Collagen ✔ Alcohol
Orchid Extract ✔
Vitamin E ✔
 Our Idea Men and Skincare Nature meets Science
Bio Logical lotion is a combination of nature’s ingredients with science. The formulation contains Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, Collagen, Orchid Extract and Vitamin E, combined with preservatives, stabilizers, PH adjusters, humectants, and other skin-conditioning agents. The combination results in an effective anti-aging and healing lotion for all skin types. Jim Healy, a patent holder and inventor, created this proprietary formula for family and friends. Jim wanted everyone to benefit with healthy skin. Today, he is excited to offer a formulation that does just that. The key for men is washing and moisturizing every day along with following a few other maintenance basics. Ditch smoking, sleep, protect skin with an SPF from the sun, don’t overdo sugar, and eat your fruits and vegetables! The nature based ingredients combined with science results in an effective all-purpose anti-aging and healing lotion for most all skin types. The PH is at an ideal level for both men and women. Gentle on the skin and fragrance free. The lotion is non-greasy, feels silky and smooth when applied to clean skin. We hope you will consider BioLogical as “The Intelligent Choice” for your everyday skincare regimen.